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Diablo Lake
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Diablo Lake
North Cascades National Park

Camera: Canon S230 Digital

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Diablo Lake<br>North Cascades National Park<br>Washington<p>Camera: Canon S230 Digital

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Previous Comments:

    From: waz upa!     2006-01-06 21:18:32
      dude Id love to live there 4 ever but I cant live @ that place becuz Im not a fish !!!!

    From: Anonymous     2005-03-07 17:08:17
      love the lake

    From: Nat     2005-02-26 06:01:08

    From: Joelle     2004-12-28 22:39:39
      it seems as if its almost fake.

    From: Michael     2004-05-08 05:23:51
      I like the way the sky reflects off the water

    From: Makala watt     2004-04-02 16:51:46
      I wounder how old that lake actually is. YOur camera captures the colors wounderfuly

    From: Lelia     2004-02-04 17:30:07
      Very beautiful!!!